Monday, October 18, 2010

Back on the blog trail again...

I have been blogging for years. I loved it when I was in Calgary. The jobs I had where somewhat mindless and mundane, so my overactive, creative brain had a lot to write about. If you want to read some of the things I use to write about...

Check it out:

... I was just on that site last night. I have no way to edit anymore, so it remains untouched. It is life as I saw it back then.

Today, my job is far from mindless. It is demanding, stressful and energy draining. Since moving to the Edmonton area from Calgary, I have been on the road way too much. My commute to the office for the first year and a half was a day's drive of almost three hours. Since I got married, that has been cut down by half. With more driving, more responsibility at work and the life changes of the last three years... It has been difficult to write anything that the public would want to read.

Since I published "Still Broken", some people have encouraged me to keep writing. I enjoy keying my thoughts and find it a treat when others like to read what I have written.

Why "Bearz Blog"?

Bears are my husband's favourite wild animal. He loves watching nature shows especially when there are bears involved. He gave me "Bearz" as a nickname after we got married. It was something about being cute, cuddly and wild. Well, that was his interpretation.

I have no idea where this ""wild" writing adventure will take me. All I know right now that the thoughts that I release to "the wild" are just that... Thoughts. They are not meant to offend anyone, but chances are good that they might. Forgive me now if I write anything that you don't agree with... And I will forgive you for not agreeing with it. Then we can still remain friends.

You can leave comments, I appreciate feedback.


(Ruby Neumann)

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