Saturday, October 23, 2010

Naked, I create.

Writing has taken on a whole new face for me. Last year Hubby got me an iPod touch. What an incredible little tool. With Wifi and my little iPod touch I can write almost anywhere and post to almost anything. No longer am I bound to desk or laptop to process my thoughts.

My favourite places to write are in bed and in the tub. I can't remember if someone told me this or if I created it in my own mind ...

"The best writing is done when the author is naked."

I tried it once about ten years ago... Me, my computer and my thoughts and nothing else. It worked. I was able to write some incredible stuff and the creative juices flowed. I think I know why that is. To write when your naked means no one else had better be around. So that would get the distractions out of the way and the focus on your creating. Writing in the nude allows my naked thoughts to come out as well. I am not into writing a feel-good sermon. I want to express my inner soul.

I do have another avenue to write the thoughts that no one needs to read, but still need a platform of expression. To expose those in a public forum, such as a blog would be like walking from the privacy of my bathtub out into the street without putting clothes on first.

I like to expose some things... As most who have read my book "Still Broken" have discovered. Some secrets deserve exposure, some don't.

Well, tub time is over. It is Saturday and I am sure there are things to do.

Til next time...

PS. For all you writers out there... Try it sometime. I don't want to see it, but would like to read it.

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