Saturday, December 18, 2010

Separation/Divorce...from the eyes of a child

Today, I saw something for the first time. It was a picture of great pain... and it came from the eyes and expressions and confessions of an eleven year old child.

Books have taught me, Counsellors have shared with me, Parents have assured me... separation/divorce is hell for the children who have to walk through it.

What have I learned in the past about a child's experience with separation/divorce?

1. Children believe that they are responsible when their parents separate/divorce.

2. Children believe that it is their perogative to fix their parent's marriage.

3. Children feel unloved during their parent's marital crisis.

Today... I can assure you. It is all true.

What can I do to assure one hurting child that Love is NOT something that leaves and walks away when Mom and Dad can't work things out? What words can I offer to the innocent victim that bleeds as much and maybe more than Mom and Dad? When does Jesus show up to dry the tears and heal the broken heart?

Here sits a child with foundation weaker than quicksand. I hug, I listen, I hug some more. I wipe the tears that fall ... and then I assure one broken hearted child that Love will never leave.

I just hope and pray that one day... the broken heart will believe it.

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