Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Place of Peace

I laid awake this morning with a vivid idea in my mind. My mom and my hubby have both been sleep challenged. I, on the other hand, sleep like a bear in hibernation. So I was wondering what it would take to get a person to that place of peace and rest. I had a thought of a "Happy Place". A place where one can go to in their mind, leaving the stressors of the world behind for the night.

And then I wondered about my "Happy Place". Where would I go if I wanted to mentally leave the world for a moment to find a place where my brain can rest and recharge.

I thought of The Shack (see posted picture). This little cabin is located at a Bed and Breakfast that my Hubby and I have enjoyed staying at this past year. This little cabin is old and locked up, but on the front porch is a rocking chair. This is my Place of Peace. The two times we went to Windermere, I would sneak away from our cabin, go through a walk through the wooded area to this little deserted cabin. I have sat on the front porch with no one but God and my camera. I seem to enjoy the solitude that little cabin porch brings me.

I haven't had much of a chance to be alone with God these days. My God Time has taken on a new face. I am not tracking Him down at a Sunday morning church service. I don't have that in my program agenda anymore. I haven't done much spiritual reading for a long time. There isn't much in my schedule that would indicate a good and healthy spiritual life.


BUT... God hasn't left me alone. I have done everything in my power to rid myself of the religious practices that I once equated with a relationship with my Creator. God wasn't bound by my religious agenda and I don't even believe that he needed the agenda to meet with me.

This "Place of Peace" is where I go when I want to leave everything behind. And God meets me there. The real cabin... I only see that place and sit in that rocking chair one or two times a year. But I close my eyes and see myself once again sitting on a wooden rocker in the seclusion of the wooded paradise... and I once again am comforted with the understanding that I am not alone or abandoned.

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Lori Klassen said...

Before the book "The Shack" was published I had a vision of a cabin where I would pull up and Father God always had something yummy just out of the oven, there was a hammock out back and a lake a little further on. I have struggled with insomnia off and on over the years and this was the place I'd go to in order to coax my mind to calm the frick down.
In fact, I blogged about it once.
... in case you're interested.

I enjoy reading your blog.