Saturday, February 5, 2011

When God smiles.

Have you ever seen God smile at you?

"That is ludicrous, Ruby. God doesn't smile. I have never seen God smile. How do you know God smiles?"

Okay, humour me and read on... even though ludicrous was the first word that came to your mind.

Think of your childhood. Did you ever do anything that resulted in a smile on one of your parent's faces. Maybe remembering those moments is a challenge. Maybe I can't recall the look on my mom's face when I brought her dandylions for the kitchen table centerpiece. But I think she smiled. I see a lot of smiles on the face of many a parent when their little ones do something cute, or out of the ordinary, or just something that causes joy in the heart of that parent. Often times the child is oblivious to Mom or Dad's facial response. But it is there.

God smiles. God who created your Mom and Dad; God who forms the smiles on your parent's faces when you give then joy; God who fires up the joy in the hearts of every mother and father... that is the God who smiles.... AT YOU!!!

Now every kid tries had to please their mother and father. Some do it to a painful extreme. I am not talking about this kind of behaviour. I am talking about those moments when you aren't trying to make a smile happen. Something just comes out of who you are and what you have become. It is so natural. It is those moments that bring the genuine smile from the Mom and Dad who love you very much. And it is those moments that bring the smile from the Father who loves you even more than Mom and Dad do. It is in those moments that you sheepishly smile back and get the one thing that your Father is trying to convey to you

" I LOVE YOU!!!"

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