Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Transition and the Journey 6 - The Evangelism Agenda part 1

(March 12, 2011... Saturday morning)

Me: Good Morning!

Myself: And it is... I think so.  Still in bed.  I have been told the sun is shining.

Me:  So what is on the agenda today?

Myself:  I was hoping you would know that too.

Me: I do, shall we enlighten the rest? That is why we are do thing... right?

 I: Can I come too?

Myself:  Hey... our Third Dimension is joining our conversation today!

I:  What are we talking about today?

Me:  We haven't picked a topic yet. Any suggestions?

Myself:  Something juicy.. I am in for juice today.

I:  Well, I liked our discussion with Sandra last night.  Why don't we talk about agendas.  It was an interesting point we made...

Me:  About agendas in relationships...

Myself:  Especially in relating to people outside our realm of belief and faith. 

I:  Exactly!  I was trying to get the point across that in the "church"  there is so much pressure to incorporate the evangelism agenda into every relationship we have with non believers. 

Me:  Can you elaborate on "The Evangelism Agenda".   Sounds like a JW or Mormon thing.

I:  Oh, it is much more that that.  It is in every interaction a "Christian" has with someone that is not a "Christian". 

Myself:  Kind of like hidden motives. 

I:  Exactly!  There is a pressure from the people in our circles and even within ourselves to convert everyone we come in contact with.  From a very young age, most "Christian" have been programmed to accept the responsibility to convert everyone and everything they lay their eyes on. 

Me: Why is that?

I: I would hazard a guess that fear has something to do with it.  Most have been fed the fear of Hell for a long time.  "We are responsible for every living soul out there.  It is our duty to free them from the fires of Hell and escort them into the Pearly Gates of Heaven."  What a load of...

Myself:  Can we put this on hold for now... There is a truck to clean, a breakfast to eat and a funeral to attend.  And might I remind you that we are still in bed!!!

Me:  Okay.  Okay... Computer off...

( to be continued...)

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