Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Transition and the Journey 8 - Good Friday to Easter Monday... Journey thoughts


I:  I am reclining on the couch.  Hubby is sleeping.  The cat is sleeping.  I am not sleeping.  It is Good Friday morning.  I want to chat about this.  Good Friday.  What is it?   Why is it?  Is it really necessary?   A lot of questions and I don't know where to take this topic.  I guess I have to turn it over to my two counterparts for dissecting.  They are much better at it than I. 

Me:  Questions, questions... Boy, you loaded us up with a lot of questions.  Do you have nothing better to do on your day off than ask questions? 

Myself:  Maybe I has better things to do... That would be why we are taking over the discussion. 

Me:  Okay.  Where do we start?

Myself:  Good Friday.

Me:  I have a few ideas as to where we can take this conversation.

Myself:  Go ahead.

Me:  Are you aware that Jesus is the only historical figure who has his death commemorated every year but he isn't even dead?  Every year we have a funeral service for Jesus.  Why is that?

Myself:  I used to have answers to that question.  Let's see if we can come up with some answers.  I don't think people set out to stage funerals, they want to remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for them.  That can't be so bad.

Me: I guess that is an honourable enough reason.  But do you remember some of the funeral services we have been to in our time.  "God Forbid" you should show any enthusiasm in the church.   

Myself:  I don't know if it is God that forbids the enthusiasm.

Me:  You know what I mean. 

Myself:  We have had some pretty memorable Good Fridays.  Remember New Orleans?

Me: Seven preachers, a three hour service and a community of enthusiastic Southern Baptists... how can I forget that one?

Myself: What about the movie date on Good Friday in Saskatoon to see Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ"?

Me:  That was painful.

Myself:  I am thankful we watched once before so we knew what was coming.

Me:  The first time I put my brain in director mode.  In removing myself from the emotion of the content, it was easier to get through the movie the first time.  The second time in Saskatoon, it was Good Friday and I gave myself permission to let the emotion in.  I knew what was coming in the way of content.  What I wasn't prepared for was the hit on my heart.  I had seen a lot of passion plays and Jesus movies in my time, but this one really dug in deep. 

Myself:  What about yesterday?  Will yesterday go down in the memory banks?

Me:  Hubby and I went shopping for a washing machine. 

Myself:  Times have changed. 

Me:  I was driving home last night after a late lunch with the girls. It was almost midnight and a couple songs in the iPod resonated a theme...  "Beautiful".  I whispered a thank you to Jesus.

Myself: So something about Good Friday still resonates with you?

Me:  Even though I don't like to attend the Jesus funerals anymore, I am still thankful. Calvary was an ugly picture to look at,  but a beautiful portrait of redemption.  I just hope we remember that more than one day out of the  year. 

Myself:  Thanks for letting me ask the questions today.  Usually it is you.

Me:  You're welcome. 

I:  It is Saturday morning.  Same scenario.  I am out in the living room.   Hubby is sleeping  and so is the cat.  Today is Saturday... That in between day.  The day that no one celebrates; the day that is missed in the Easter Story.  It is business as usual on Saturday.  I have one question I would like to put forward to Me and Myself.  In the midst of our remembering...  Why don't we remember Saturday.  I would think it was a day in history that was almost as painful as Friday.  It was the day after.  The "What Now" day.  After the shock of the crucifixion sets in, then came Saturday.  What now?  What do we do now?  All of our dreams are dashed against a Roman cross.  Think about it folks.  Easter Sunday hadn't happened yet.  These were the folks at the real funeral.  Not just the religious replays. 

Me: What now?

Myself:  That would be the question.

Me:  Saturday does seem uneventful.  Like there isn't much to chew through. 

Myself:  Do you want to chat or do housework?  We still need to clean the bathroom. 

Me:  Do you ever wonder what it was like?

Myself: What what was like?

Me:  The day in between... the down time between the crucifixion and the resurrection.  How do you imagine that space in time for the followers of Jesus. 

Myself: Mmmm... I don't like the in between time.  The time after everything falls apart and before I discover that I can live again.  I haven't learned how to maneuver my boat on those waters very well. 

Me:  Are we there right now?

Myself:  Some days it feels like we are.

Me:  Tomorrow is Sunday.  Easter Sunday.

Myself:  I know.  We are scheduled to go to church tomorrow.

Me:  We haven't gone to church in over a year.

Myself:  I know.

Me: You want to talk about it?

Myself:  I am kind of scared.

Me:  Me too.  Why is that?

Myself:  It is hard to define the fear.  I don't think I belong there anymore. 

Me:  In church?

Myself: It's not just the building.  It is the culture. I don't fit in.

Me: Do you want to fit in?

Myself:  I just don't know right now.


I: It is Easter Sunday morning.  I am on the couch with my computer.  Hubby is not sleeping.  The cat is.  Both are laying down in the living room beside me watching Holmes Inspection.  It is Easter.  I am going for a drive today... to church.  The reason.  The choir is playing a song that I wrote with my sister.  And I am going to see a friend.  And I am going to see my mom and the rest of my family.  It is Easter... they will be at church.  That should be a good enough reason to go.  Other than that.  I will sit and listen to what is being said about today.  Maybe I can take away some wisdom. 

Me: We don't have long to chat

Myself:  We have to shower, get dressed, drive for an hour and make it to church before they play our song. 

Me:  "Shout Praises"  I remember when Jennifer and I wrote that song.  It was on the way back from a funeral we attended with Mom in Saskatchewan.  My cousin, Yvonne, had lost her husband to a brain aneurysm only days after their first child, a daughter, was born. 

Myself:  "Shout Praises, Shout Praises, Shout Praises to the Lord.  For He is good to us, He is good to us... and His love never fails."

Me:  I still like those words.  HIS LOVE NEVER FAILS!!!!  That said with much enthusiasm.  

Myself:  That is something worth celebrating today. 

Me:  Yes, I would say so. 

Myself:  Are we going to film this?

Me:  If you don't forget the camera?

Myself:  Okay.  We better get ready.

Me:  Shower time!!!!

Myself:  We can conclude our Easter thoughts when we come home.

Me:  Alright. 
I:  Please hold on for the continuation. We'll be back!!!


Me:  Well, what is the conclusion?

Myself:  I don't want to go to church anymore.

Me:  That bad?

Myself:  Not really bad, just decided I don't want to go. 

Me:  Do you want to elaborate?

Myself:  Can I be upfront without offending people?

Me:  That is risk you have to take.  I figure you will offend someone eventually. 

Myself: Church isn't for everyone.  There are Jesus followers in this world that don't do church.  

Me:  You would have a hard time convincing some on that.

Myself:  Do I have to convince everyone?

Me:  That won't happen.

Myself:  I think I ruined my appreciation of the game by playing in way too many ball parks.

Me: Interesting analogy.  Don't you have to be in a ball  park to play baseball?

Myself:  I could play in my back yard.  Then I wouldn't have to pay rent to use the field.

Me:  Playing in a ballpark, you have to abide by the rules of the park owners.

Myself:  Tell me something.  Will it ever be okay to be different?

Me:  Jesus was different.   I guess it wouldn't be so bad. 

Myself: I don't want to go to church anymore...

Me: Okay. 

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