Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dear Papa

Dear Papa

It is New Year's Eve, 2011.  This year has come and it has gone.  We only have a few hours left of the year.  Next year will bring new challenges.  The Mayan Calendar will end and many around the world will be convinced that it is the year of the Apocalypse.  This past year has brought a few claims to the headlines of the end of the world.  There are people out there that figure they know when Jesus is coming back.  Even through He made it pretty clear that You were the only one who knows that.  I don't get why it is so important to know what tomorrow will bring us.  I only wish we would have the courage to live today.

I am writing a letter to you and posting it on my blog.  That seems kind of weird.  I have to admit that I am editing a few thoughts as I write this.  Life for me has changed dramatically in the last couple of years and I don't know if my communication with You has improved as a result of the changes.  I wanted my life to be less of a religious point of view and more of a picture of relationship. I don't know if I am becoming that picture yet.  Relationship takes communication and I am challenged in that department.  Marriage has been a good training ground in the communication department.  I realize how important communication is in the relationship I have with my husband.  I get that now.  Communication with You was a program to follow, a liturgy to recite, a well planned script. I don't have a script for communication with my husband, and through that, I am learning that script isn't the way to communicate with my Father.  Even though that is how it was modelled for me.

When Jesus walked the Earth, his disciples saw Him in relationship with You.  They didn't see a program, they saw a Son that talked with his Papa.  They wanted that reality, too.

"Teach us to pray!"

Make it real for us too.

A student will only ask for a lesson when they see the experience lived out in the teacher.  Only then will they ask to be taught.  When they are hungry for what they see in their guide, only then will they be willing to be taught.  I wonder what it must have looked like for them.  Jesus was different than the promoters of religion in their neighbourhood.  Jesus didn't need a go between.  He had the real thing.  RELATIONSHIP WITH HIS ABBA, HIS FATHER, HIS PAPA.

Papa, Jesus opened that door for me.  Jesus gave me access to a relationship with You.  That is huge.  A Father who loves me, A Father who isn't disappointed in me, A Father who is proud of me.  A real Papa.

I am not the only one who wants a Papa like that.  There so many who need a Papa that loves them.  So many don't know that there is a Father that knows them so intimately that there is no room for disappointment.  So many lack in their earthly dads what You are lovingly ready to give us.

I still have a lot of questions that any child would have.   If I could picture You, I would picture a big arm chair and You would be sitting there waiting for me to come running into Your lap.  I would climb up into Your lap and You would hold me close, You would wrap me in a cozy blanket to keep me warm and speak to me something like...

"Okay, Ruby... I know you have lots on your mind and lots on your list of things to do, people to see and places to go.  I am glad you are here with Me.  I love you, Ruby.  Always have, Always will.  You are safe here.  I am always here.  Even in the business of your day, I am still here and this is a place you can always come to.  Day or night.  You can sit here and tell me anything.  I will always listen.  And I will share with you My thoughts as well.  I love you, Ruby"

That is what this moment is like.  Me in your lap, trying to get as close to You as I can.  Feeling the warmth of Your arms around me.

Tomorrow is a new day and a new year.

Thank you, Papa.  My hubby and I are going to watch the fireworks now.  I know You will be watching them too.  They are really good.

Your daughter, Ruby.

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Wayne and Laurie said...

Beautiful Ruby, beautiful! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, they have blessed me.