Sunday, February 5, 2012

Religion: hate it or love it?

Drew Marshall posted a couple of videos on Facebook this week. Take a look at both creative expressions and let me know what you think. The first one.


  The second one:


I listened to both poetic expressions and I am wondering...

Are we the OPPOSITION or are we on the same TEAM.

 There are so many different expressions of faith in this world and in the body of Christ.  Some would look in from the outside and see it as competition within the ranks.  I don't know.  I have been to a few team events in my life.  Following are a couple of analogies to explain where I am going with this one.


Rogers Center, Toronto, Ontario

I used to like baseball.  I would watch it over the season and I had my favourite team to cheer for: the Toronto Bluejays.  I have been to Toronto and seen them in action four times against the New York Yankees.  My second favourite team was The New York Yankees.   So I sit up in the stands and I have to cheer for someone... right?  I cheered for Toronto, because they were number one.  But if I was at home watching New York playing someone else,  I would cheer for them. When those two teams were together in the field.  I noticed how nasty the fans got.  There was no singing "Take me out to the ball game".  They were loud in their rebukes for the opposite team.  I came away from that game wondering if it is okay to like both sides.

My favourite game of the year was the Allstars.  Toronto and New York,  along with American League team members from across the country gathered to play off the National League.  When the Allstars hit the field, there they were.  Bluejays and Yankees, each sporting their own jersey, but playing on the same team. 

Here's another analogy. 


Sean (#14)  airborne to block a shot from Ben. 

The game was at Hay Lakes High School, in January 2010.  The teams:  The Hay Lakes Tigers vs. The Hay Lakes Alumni.  I had my new Rebel Camera busy that game.  It was a good thing,  I didn't know who to cheer for.  My nephews (pictured above) were playing on opposite teams.  It was the first sporting event I had been to where the boys were up against each other.  I can't remember who won.  That is a good thing too.  But I caught a couple of good shots of the two brothers going head to head.

Those are my analogies.  So my question is... are we on the same team with different jerseys or are we brothers battling it out on the court just waiting for the other one to mess up so we can get in our shot?

 What team are you on?   How do you define religion?  Do you empathize with the poet who sees a difference between the institutional systems of this world and his love for his Saviour or do you empathize with the priest who sees those systems as an avenue for the love to be spread? 

I would like to hear some thoughts on this one.  

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Lori Klassen said...

I don't know who first said "Christians are the only ones who shoot their wounded" but it's a phrase that I often think about when subjects like this come up.
I don't know the answers either, but I do like wrestling with this issue. It's an important one.
Jesus did not come to start a new religion.
"Us and them" mentality serves only to divide. Us and them when it comes to Christian vs Christian and Christian vs non-Christian.
That's where I get stuck because in any good debate you must define your terms. What is a Christian? What is a non-Christian? I know that I used to know, but I know that I don't know any more.