Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Treasure Hunt

On Easter Sunday, I had some fun with my nephews.  I got to send them on a treasure hunt for their Easter goodies.

    They are not that small anymore.  Ben is twenty-one and Sean is ninteen.  They both have their birthdays in the summer, so that means our family losing it's last teenager this year.  When I shared the idea that I was going to send them on a treasure hunt, the primary comment was:

"Aren't they too old for Easter hunts?" 

  I texted them to make sure.  Both responded with enthusiasm.  Ben's comment was "... never too old for candy...".
 Sean piped up with "Awesome!"  I guess I was safe to proceed with the hunt preparations.

    I printed off twenty photographs that were taken around the farm.  I placed them in envelopes and hid them in the various locations around the yard.

The instructions at the beginning led them to find their first photo on a steering wheel.  Both boys started their hunts in the garage. Ben found his first clue on the tractor and Sean's first clue was on the golf cart.  The first photo would lead the boys to the location where the next envelope was. And that envelope contained the next photo of the location where they had to look next.  With a total of ten photos, they made tracks all over the farm looking for their clues and finally their treasure.

Some were easy and some were more challenging.  I gave them a head start on their own, but found myself wandering around and giving them some help.  I wondered if some of the hiding places were to tough, so it wasn't too hard for me to provide a little encouragement and direction.

  The last photos were the tricky ones.  Ben's last picture was of Grandpa (Dad) on the tractor blowing snow by the barn.

  Sean's final picture was a picture of Grandma (Mom) sitting on the golf cart in front of the house.

 Both vehicles were still parked in the garage where they found their first clues.  I had told them in the beginning that when they got to their final pictures...

  "It's not about the location where the picture was taken, it is about what is in the picture." 

 It took both boys a while to get back to place they started, but they did and both found their Easter treasures.    So they ran around the whole yard, and the treasure was not even 5 feet from where they began.  Isn't this the perfect picture?

 I found it interesting that:
 - the boys found their first clues and went outside after clue number two. They didn't look for the treasure right away. They just assumed that they had to work for their prize.
 - They didn't ask me for the treasure up front. Like I already pointed out, they just assumed they had to work for their treasure.
-  One ran on his chase and one just walked.... Different paces.
-  They were on totally different journeys, but there were times when they crossed paths.
- Sometimes they found the clues very obvious, and some they couldn't find without a little guidance from the one who hid them.

I had fun that day.  The pictures I posted were among the clues I gave my nephews.

When I started writing this post, I wanted to conclude with a spiritual analogy.  I don't think I want to do that now.  I will leave you with the story of the hunt and leave the rest to your imagination.

Photographers for this post are Tim Moores, Grethe Voigt and Ruby Neumann

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