Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Hot Air Dream

I have a dream... It involves hot air... a lot of hot air.

The dream started with my Dad and I.  We both wanted to go for a balloon ride together.  We had it on our to do list.  There are some things in life that don't make it off the to do list.  This was one of them.

The last time Dad and I talked about going for a balloon ride was the month before he passed away.  He was sick, but the dream was still there.  I told him we could get a balloon company to come to the farm and even if I had to wheel him out to the flight pad, I would do it.  I wanted to see the dream come  true.  He said that would cost too much money.  He was right.  I knew it...but the dream of flying with my Dad didn't cost anything.

After Dad passed away I still had the dream.  I had mentioned to my nephews about going for a balloon ride as a memory trip.  That was five years ago and it was still too much money.   But the dream didn't die. 

I mentioned it again to my nephews this week.  The dream is still there and I still want to soar about the earth.  I would be looking at three to four hundred dollars a head.  Dad was right.  It is too much money.  Is it worth it... for a half an hour in a basket... for $1200????  I wish it was.  But it doesn't make it up high on the priority list.

So if I am going to put my hot air dream back on a list, what list does it go on? .. on my bucket list, my wish list on my prayer list?

Ben, Sean:

If all three of us dream hard, maybe we can fly one day.  We will take a picture of Grandpa along and remember him as we soar over the city... or the countryside... which ever way the wind takes us. 

 As for now... let's book that trip to the golf course.  

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