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MONDAY,  OCTOBER 15,  2012... 




including me. ) 

I have one week left before I terminate my Facebook account.  One month ago, I made the call to end it after my Homecoming weekend.  I wondered if I would change my mind, but some recent events are only a catalyst to my conviction that this is the right thing to do for me.  

I don't know how many people will actually read this blog post... so I figure I can make an effort to leave some personal messages behind with the Facebook Friends that I will miss when I disconnect.  

There will be some faces that will not be effected by this move.  I will pass on my email address if people want to continue a conversation and not loose the connection.  I do have a feeling that pulling the plug will be the end of my contact with over half of my Facebook list.   

I do want to extend a few Thank you's.  

CHERIE: You were the first person that encouraged my involvement with Social Media.  You were the one who "hounded" me the most.  I finally caved... and now I am un-caving.   I want to thank you for the chats we have had on line and for the moments we have shared in person.  I trust that my terminating Facebook will not terminate our friendship.   Thank you.

SEAN:  You were my first Facebook friend.  It has been fun seeing what you have been up to in your own world.  You and your brother were the primary reasons I hooked up on Facebook in the first place.  I wanted to keep up with the latest news.   I know that I still get a fair share of the news via texting or Grandma... and the occasional family get together.  Thank you.

SOUNDS FAMILIAR:  I know that this thank you won't get to you via my blog... but I just want to say thank you for the opportunity to start up a Facebook page for the band and for the fun I had being a part of the action.  Thank you. 

DIVIA:  You are the only Facebook friend that I have never personally met.  You were the exception to my rule for Facebook friends.  I hope one day that I will get to meet you.  I have some great memories of my trip to Trinidad before you were born.  I have so enjoyed your encouragement posts.  I have saved quite a few.   Thank you

LCBI CLASS OF 1987:  It was because of you that I am postponing  D-day until the Monday after Homecoming.  It has been a joy connecting with a few classmates on Facebook prior to Homecoming.  I don't feel like we will be such strangers.  I look forward to this coming weekend and maybe the next one in another twenty five years.  Thank you. 


MANFRED:  My husband... you born the brunt of my Facebook addiction.  It has had it's moments of joy, but I am looking forward to less time on the Ipad and more time hanging out with you face to face.   

Over the next week, I hope to get some personal messages across to my Facebook friends, before I say good bye.  If I miss you, you can always connect via email.  I am not disappearing for good.  

Big Hugs everyone.  Lots of love going your way. 

Ruby Neumann

(soon to be ex-Facebook addict) 

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  1. I will miss seeing you and Tigger on Facebook, but I will still follow your blog. I'm sure we'll run into each other in real life now and then too.